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Cuz I am.
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Boopdee doo

I am rather awkward, if I don't reply to a comment, It's simply because I am unsure of what to say =u=

-Other sites you can find me at.... -tumblr… -youtube

other account-:iconosris:



CARDIANS UK : Thanks by Nyaph

Today our Ace of Diamonds died.

He went out the same way he lived.

AATR4 : The Messengers by Nyaph
AATR4 : The Messengers

Hey! Guess who's supplyin' the messengers! 

If you guessed the person who was doing it in the comic, you'd be right!! What do you know! 

This time around, the messengers for AATR4 are Cloud Animals supplied by sleepy shepherd extraordinaire, Quilt. Forming from shooting stars in a puff of fluff, these little guys look and act like little creatures, but are composed entirely of a strange cloud like substance! Very soft, very pliable.

Some extra things to note and general rules:
-As stated in the intro comic, they cannot speak! Much like messengers in the past--They are intended to be fully silent (No chirps, barks, whines, etc.) HOWEVER, this is absolutely not a hard rule. If you have a cool idea or you feel like your whale would be more awesome breeching as it comes to be, GO FOR IT! They just can't speak the human speech.

-Please use non-fictional creatures! just for simplicity and copyright's sake! 

-That being said, Any non-fictional creature is fine. Suck at drawing animals? So do I! Rock at drawing trilobites? Merry Christmas! You  can have the cloud creature be a trilobite! Literally any animal/bug/fish/etc. is possible outside of humans! Go nuts!

- Interpret the nuances as you see fit. Not every detail mentioned is required, you don't actually have to make a wish to make the  star form appear, nor do you even have to know the cloud creatures come from stars--It's all up for messing with--In fact it's  encouraged! Work the messengers in as you see fit.

-In addition to this, Messenger use is not required There have been several non-standard ways of entering The Real. Ignoring the  messengers or even the invite is not uncommon. If you simply don't want to use the messengers, that's A-OK!

If you have any questions please refer them to the comment section below or send a note to the group!

As for the judge refs...
Look forward to em~

Cuz I am.
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited

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